BRASS BARLOW POCKET KNIFE – According to tradition, the Barlow knife appeared late in the 17th century when the maker wanted to give extra strength to an otherwise very basic tool. The heavy brass bolsters with their incised decorative lines, mark this as a quality pocket knife. The true bone scales round out the handsome appearance of this knife. Open length 8 inches. See SBLA page 242, figure 33.K for a similar design. #KNBB $8.00 each
LAGIOULE KNIFE – This is an inexpensive copy of a traditional knife from the south of France. Although this specific knife cannot be documented to the 18th century, the blade style can be found in many archeological digs with French provenances. The bolsters are brass and the scales (handles) are dark horn. Note the decoration on the front part of the spring (shown below the knife) which represents either a fly or a bee, depending on what legend you care to pick. You will also note that the blade has small decorative notches. Opened, the knife is about 8 inches long. #KNLAG $8.00 each
LOCK BLADE POCKET KNIFE - A well made knife suitable for scrimshaw, if you are so inclined. Steel liners with polished white bone scales. About 9 inches long open. #KNLO $14.00 each

FRICTION FOLDING KNIFE - So called as there is no spring to hold the blade closed, only the friction between the blade and the wood handle. The total length when open is 9 inches; the blade itself in 4 inches. As there is no spring, one must hold the blade open by putting the thumb on the section at the end of the blade containing the small ring. Which can be used to hang the knife where it is handy. The design made it cheap enough so that most anyone (farmers, peasants and seamen) could afford it. #KNFF  $13 each

AX - We offer recycled axes of the American pattern with correct straight hickory handles installed. This pattern is uniquely American and can be traced back at least to the mid-18th century. However, we have learned that the British forces were not averse to using this style ax. The sloop INDUSTRY, sunk in 1764 carrying supplies to troops in Florida, contained many similar pattern axes, apparently made by a New York blacksmith. See AMERICAN AXES by Henry Kaufmann and CENC, " 26, row 8. #CFA3 $45.00 each

PRIMITIVE AX - This style of ax likely goes back to Roman times. The significant characteristic is that the handle is fitted from the top and is wedged into place. Look at it like an overgrown tomahawk. Weight is just shy of 4 lbs. Length is 7-1/2 inches while the blade cutting edge is 5 inches long. See a similar ax head at item 83.A on page 273 of SBLA.  #CFA5 $29 each

AX HANDLES – Prior to the middle 19th century, most ax handles were made without the curve as is normal for axes made today. We currently offer the below correct straight handles as follows: commercially made varnished handle to fit CFA3 above. Wood wedge is included. #AXH3 $15.00 each. For CFA5 above, we offer custom made hickory handles without any finish so you can varnish or oil them yourself: #AXH5 $15.00 each; handle made to fit our old English made oval eyed felling ax (which is no longer made) #AXH1 $15.00 each

FOUR POUND AX - We offer an ax head made in a centuries old style, which is very similar to the one shown on the cover of Henry Kaufmann’s “American Axes”. The 4 lb. head is forged from quality steel and has an egg shaped, tapered socket or eye which accepts the handle through the top like many tomahawks. The photo shows the ax with black paint (as they are supplied) and with the paint removed so you can see the fine finish. Handles are not offered by us.. #CFA4 $22.00 each

SPADE - After many years of research, we are able to offer an authentic styled entrenching tool at a reasonable price. See CENC, page 268 for sample period tools. The main feature of this tool that differentiates it from most modern made ones is that the blade is almost parallel to the handle. Size is 8 by 10 inches, excluding the socket. These tools will hold up to rigorous work. Furnished without handles, which are available separately. Square Blade Spade #SPD3 - $32.00 each

HANDLE FOR SPADE - Commercially made varnished American hickory 43 inch long straight handle. Can be made into traditional T-shaped handle with instructions included. #HDL3 $15.00 each

PLANTER'S HOE -This round shouldered large hoe is typical of many excavated specimens dated to the earliest colonial period. Modern forging of high quality steel. Size is approximately 8 inches in height by 7 inches wide; weight is about 2 pounds. Furnished WITHOUT handle. See below for handles. See TUTR, page 146, Type C for an illustration of a similar hoe #HOE2 $25.00

HOE HANDLE - Commercial handle to fit above hoe or any similar hoes with a 1 ¾ inch eye. About 54 inches long, with no permanent markings in the wood. (Not illustrated). #CHHH $17.00 each

GRUB HOE or GRUBBING HOE - Similar to the hoe above, but with a narrower face. Used for digging out pesky roots. The handle is similar to that for the hoe except it is shorter for better control. #GBBH -  $25.00 each


HANDLE FOR GRUB HOE - Virtually identical to the Hoe Handle except the length is 36 inches. #HGBB  - $17.00 each

FASCINE KNIFE - Also known as a bill or bill hook. This ancient British design is handy for cutting light brush or kindling. Fascines were defensive constructions made of brush, hence its American military name. It has both a straight and a curved cutting edge. Measures 18 inches long and weighs a bit less than 2 lbs.See CENC, page 118, figure 4. Check for availability. #FAS2 $45.00 each
FASCINE KNIFE SHEATH - For FAS2 above. Our own uniquely designed handmade heavy black leather sheath opens from the side, making a very compact unit. Natural fiber rope sling. #SHF2 $22.00 each
AMERICAN MUSKET TOOL - Designed by Washington's Quartermaster General, Timothy Pickering. Two screwdrivers, pick and a thick edge that may be used to chip worn flints back to sharpness. The pick is handy for tightening Charleville jaw screws. See SKBK page 36. #MUTP $10.00 each

UNITED STATES BRANDING IRON - This is copied from the brand on a musket stock illustrated at figure 1, page 184 of CENC.   #USBI  - $140.00 each. If your unit would like to lease this item, order and pay full price. Upon return of the item in good shape, you will be reimbursed the price, less 20% ($28.00)

PRIMITIVE MALLET - For pounding in pegs and stakes, you can't do better than this field made mallet. It has a locust head and a hickory handle, roughly made. Being gentler than metal, your wood stakes and pegs will hold up longer. Head 2-3/4 by 5 inches, overall length with handle is 12 inches. Weight is 2-1/4 lbs. #MALL35 $16.00 each
BELT AX (Tomahawk) - Here is a well made hand forged steel tool and weapon. The 14 ounce head is about 7 inches long, with a steel bit inserted into the softer head. See similar "round poll hatchets" on page 261, SBLA. Furnished with a 19 inch long hickory handle. Replacement handles available below. #BLTAX1 $24.00 each

HANDLE FOR BELT AX - (not illustrated) Made from highly desirable American hickory, which is very tolerant of hard use in all types of striking tools. Handle is 19 inches long and fits our belt ax and many others as well. #BAXH1 $5.00 each


BROAD AX HANDLE - This hickory handle comes to us 36 inches long with a 15 degree offset. However, unless for some reason you want the long length, we cut them to a more ppropriate 22 inches. May require some work with a rasp for a good fit. We supply wood and metal wedges..
#BRAXHA $17.00 each

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